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Feng Shui Master, The Kindness of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Master

As a Feng Shui master, people often ask me the best first step. Most importantly, I suggest that your home is clutter free. That means letting go of anything that no longer serves or honors you—clothing you haven’t worn in a year, appliances that are broken, objects you don’t need, use, or love. And if someone gave you something that you don’t love, re-gift it or at least pass it on to someone who can truly use it. Find a charity you believe in and exercise a random act of kindness. You will probably receive even more in return. I often drop off carloads of discarded clothes and housewares to a battered women’s shelter and watch the women’s faces light up with joy, which in turn fills me with joy. It seems synchronicity abounds when we look to share.

I recently did a consultation for a single mom of a darling little girl. The springs on their couch had gone out and the cornerstone of their living room was falling apart. The very next day I happened to consult a client in La Jolla who was eager to discard a beautiful white sofa. A friend with a truck offered to deliver it, making one delighted mother. “Wow, Feng Shui works fast!” my client exclaimed with wonder, as she snuggled with her daughter in their gently used couch.

Feng Shui offers plenty of opportunities to commit random acts of kindness to your partner, or even your future mate. If you want to attract or enhance a romantic relationship, dress up your home like you’re already in that relationship. Think in twos. Buy night stands and lamps in pairs—one for you and another for your beloved.

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Feng shui goes digital

Feng shui master use the lunar calendar and the so-called pa kua or bakua numbers to find the best instructions and directions, but one practitioner has begun to rely on a computer program.

The founder of an IT-solutions company has been using software to apply feng shui basics _ to determine energy and rearrange office furniture to attract more customers and increase sales.

Thanutporn Kitpanit, a founder of 168 Worldwide IT Solutions Co, said she strongly believes much of her initial success came from good feng shui.

Good feng shui means creating energy that makes a space feel good, look good and serve its purpose,” she said.

Founded in 2006, 168 Worldwide IT Solutions suffered a loss of one million baht after the first year of operation, which involves providing software and applications on quality management and quality control.

The loss surged to five million baht in the second year, Mrs Thanutporn recalled.

“I decided to take over the management from my son. The overhaul of the company began in 2008,” she said.

Mrs Thanutporn started applying basic feng shui rules after learning the art for more than a decade. She used them in the office and surrounding areas to draw luck, wealth and prosperity.

Later, she applied the use of a computer program to calculate Pa Kua numbers, lucky positions and colours, elements and directions for perfect home and office feng shui designs.

Pa Kua, an octagon used as a protective symbol, is considered the most important symbol of feng shui.

Feng shui, which means wind and water in Chinese, is a mixture of art and science in use for thousands of years in China and the Far East.

Mrs Thanutporn said she applied modern feng shui software to help her take advantage of the power of feng shui, giving her direct access to all the different aspects of the art _ from reshaping life and business fortunes to exploring personalities and relationships.

“We apply feng shui everywhere _ from office and garden designs to choice of colours and the positions of desks. We developed our own excel computer program to determine the best feng shui energy spots and auspicious positions,” she said.

“Each corner office and small cubicle can use our digital program to find the best feng shui.”

Based on her feng shui principles, Mrs Thanutporn’s auspicious numbers for this year are 2, 3 and 4 while 7 represents a bad-luck figure. Generally, the all-time lucky numbers are 1, 6 and 8.

“Given that 2 is my best luck, I recruited more staff until the headcount reached 22,” Mrs Thanutporn said.

“I also put my customers’s logos and namecards in auspicious positions to keep them with us,” she said with smile.

Apart from feng shui, Mrs Thanutporn uses another computer program to find auspicious time and dates for her salespeople to set out to negotiate with big customers or sign important contracts.

Even when she screened job candidates, she uses computer-based feng shui to calculate the dates, time and places of birth and fill them to appropriate positions.

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Decorate with Feng Shui

Decorate with Feng Shui

DO you believe that there is Feng Shui flowing in the manner and style of decorating your home this Christmas?

Just like traditional Chinese beliefs, many observe Feng Shui in decorating their homes as this will help minimize the stress levels, relax and promote a happy and balanced flow of positive energy in the house.

Here’s how to decorate with good Feng Shui:

* Decorate with good positive colors. In the language of feng shui, what you need to do is bring into your environment the energy and the colors of the feng shui element of Fire. This is where the many candles, a good fireplace (if you have), bright Christmas lights and fiery gold and red Christmas tree decorations all help.

Red, purple and strong pink are highly advisable in order to warm up the energy of your home in the cold season.

However, overdoing the fire element in your decoration can promote burn-out and even emotional outbursts. Balance the strong feng shui Fire element of the Christmas with a cooler color scheme, such as soothing light blue (feng shui Water element color), cool silver or gray and calm white (feng shui Metal element colors).

* Place the tree in the best feng shui bagua area. There are certain areas in your house that benefit from specific feng shui elements. These bagua areas, lie for example, a water fountain is always best in the North, East or Southeast feng shui areas, while a fireplace is best avoided in the West or Northwest.

The tree belongs to the Wood feng shui element, so place it in an area that is either compatible with the wood feng shui element, or benefits from its energy.

You may place your Christmas tree at the east direction (health and family); southeast direction (money and abundance) or at south (fame and reputation)

The placement of Christmas tree in one of these feng shui areas will bring harmonious energy because of the beneficial balance of the five feng shui elements.

If you can’t place your Christmas tree on the mentioned direction, or your room is less auspicious, here are the best colors for its decoration:

– Use water and metal element colors (blue, gray, black, white) at the North (career).

– Use fire and earth element colors (red, pink, yellow, earthy tones) at the northeast (self-cultivation and love)

– Use Earth and Metal element colors (gray, earthy tones, white) at the west (creativity and networking).

* Candles to keep the energy. There are many ways to keep the energy of your home fresh, and the right feng shui use of candles is the easiest and most popular one.

Candles, especially natural ones, such as soy or beeswax candles, do an excellent job of purifying the energy in any space. Tea light or votice candles will do.

* Plants to purify the air. Vibrant plants are always good feng shui, as they bring the healing essence of nature into one’s home. Indoor air-purifying plants are the best choice, because along with beauty and grace, they also do a great job of purifying the energy, as well as calming the space.

Some of the most popular good feng shui indoor air purifying plants are the Dracaena Janet Craig, the Peace Lily and the Areca Palm. Be sure you have at least one or two of top feng shui air-purifying plants when you need them the most – in the cold season.

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Feng Shui – Open houses around the area for Dec. 3-4

Feng shui

The ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China – is said to be the key to the success of one Cresskill home, one of several open houses taking place this weekend.

Balance, which promotes good energy, can be found throughout this center-hall colonial in Cresskill that incorporates feng shui principles in its design.

The Chinese culture’s concept of balancing the energies of space within a home is believed to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

Listing agent Liz Roditi of Prominent Properties, Tenafly, explained that the 7,000-square-foot center-hall colonial was custom built with feng shui components for the original owners in 1991.

“The very reason the current owners bought this house in 1997 was because of its tranquil, relaxing qualities,” said Roditi. “Whether or not you believe in feng shui, the house exudes the feel of a comfortable home. And that’s unusual in very large houses.”

Besides the aforementioned open house, this weekend’s search for a home may also include new construction communities featuring new models and special end-of-year incentives.

The all-brick, four-bedroom house at 53 Pleasantview Drive, Wayne, is on a level piece of property in a private neighborhood. The 1,446-square-foot house, listed with Coldwell Banker, Wayne, was built in 1960 and has one full bath and one half bath. The kitchen contains birch cabinets and a newer dishwasher. There are also newer windows and furnace, and hardwood floors throughout. The finished basement features a wet bar and gas fireplace.

Listing price: $375,000. The Open House is Sunday, 1-4 p.m. For more information, call Laurie Hersh at 973-868-3341.

An updated four-bedroom colonial at 1134 Korfitsen Road, New Milford, is on a quiet street within walking distance to transportation and shopping. The house, listed with Prudential Galaxy Real Estate, features two full bathrooms along with hardwood floors throughout. There’s an updated eat-in kitchen with sliding glass doors to a deck. The king-size master bedroom has two double closets with built-ins. The basement is three-quarters finished, featuring a rec room, built-in bar, laundry area, and workshop and storage areas.

Listing price: $449,000. The Open House is Sunday, 1-3 p.m. For more information, call Annmarie Pangione at 201-741-4137.

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Britain Kate Middleton pregnant ?

As mentioned early on April 2011 on The Star newspaper, Britain Kate Middleton (Prince William wife) easily pregnant during year 2011 til Jan 2012.

This is because based on her four-pillar chart, actually she is easily conceive during her age 29 to 33. In year 2011 will be much easily pregnant due to ” rabbit ” on almanac year, animal rabbit is belong to ” wood element “, which is Kate Middleton children.

Boy or girl is the first baby of Kate Middleton ? From my prediction, it should be a girl. Please refer to my prediction on

Visit Master Gan for information about Feng Shui at his website above.

2012 Feng Shui predictions 二零一二 [壬辰] 年風水運程預測

2012 [壬辰] 年運風水程預測


下載 Download  2012 Dragon year – Feng Shui predictions

2012 [壬辰] 年運風水程預測
2012 壬辰年,是否是早前被预言将会出现灾难的一年。如果从八運山向飛星局﹑流年 [壬辰] 立春八字及流年飞星互相加于计算,今年是不会出现世界末日,而只有大的变化而已,因为逢 [龙] 必合化。预测到可能会有严重的天灾;政治变化;经济不稳定的事件发生。

[壬 辰] 流年亦有水旺之显像,壬属水、位于正北方。幸好立春八字 [木] 旺,有泄水之力量, 立春八字本身的 [天干] 之間又沒有相衝﹑相合之跡象﹐所以2012壬辰年不会出现世界末日事件发生﹐而只是要注意農曆六月至九月 (西歷 7月7日至11月6日) 這四個月﹐因為天干有相衝及相合之跡象。预测將會有会有严重的海啸、水灾及地震发生。

尤其是在农历九月 (西历10月8日到11月7日) 。辰戌丑未称为四库,辰为 [水] 库,本身内藏很多水,最忌戌来冲﹔戌为 [火] 库,属农历九月,有火冲水之迹象,就是说 [戌] 冲 [辰] ,把辰本身内藏的水,全部冲开,加上立春八字日干及时干 [乙] 与农历九月天干 [庚] 合化成金,所谓金能生水。然而流年及流月的飛星有重疊跡象﹐故农历九月(西历10月到11月) 将可能会有大变化的事件,可能是水患﹑洪水﹑大霧﹑海嘯等天災。

[辰] 在八運屬 [損財傷丁] 局﹐意思是沒有經濟支柱亦有不愉快事件發生﹐最快也要等到2013 [癸已] 年﹐經濟才會逐漸好轉。今年 [壬辰] 立春八字地支雖有 [財] 星﹐但卻不透天干﹐用神 [丁] 火無力生財﹐比肩 [乙] 木于時辰透出天干。

加 上今年的九宮飛星 [七赤] 星位於 [乾] 宮﹐乾位於西北﹑亦代表男主人及老闆。 從 2004 至2023年﹐地運是屬八運也就是飛星的 [八白] ﹐而 [七赤] 星是屬于一顆退運的星。自從去年2011 [辛卯] 年﹐飛星 [七赤] 入中宮﹐也一一導致全球經濟面臨衰退的跡象。加上立春八字 [乙] 木透出天干亦非用神﹐並說明整個市場經濟存有嚴重競爭狀況。立春八字沒有出現一顆 [官星] ﹐官星代表政府﹐政府在今年並沒有完善的經濟措施及計劃來推動經濟﹐這比往年2011來得還要更競爭。

今年西北方亦沖太歲﹐主人位﹐原因是 狗沖太歲﹑狗的位置于西北方。加上沖太歲的原故﹐可預測到將會有更多的大集團會面臨財務問題﹐男主人也將會面臨失業的情形﹐失業率將會提昇。歐盟國家位於 西北部﹐這些國家將會面臨更大的經濟挑戰﹐可能一些國家會面對破產的局面。歐盟聯合國是位于西北部﹐尤其是金融界﹐歐元將會再創新底﹐因為西北部的五行屬 金﹐金將會受到 [七赤] 退運星影響﹐尤其是農曆九月﹐因為流年及流月飛星重疊的原故。***我沒有歐盟創立的八字﹐如果你知道請告訴我﹐讓我算算歐盟聯合國的運辰。

日主 [乙] 木生于 [壬寅] 月﹐又有時辰 [乙] 木 [比肩] 透出天干﹐生旺日主﹐所以忌神為 [木] 。政治在五行裡是属木﹐加上立春八字亦没有出现 [官星],這放映政府无能为力。意味着2012年裡還會有更加嚴重的政治變化及鬥爭﹐尤其是農曆二月的 [癸卯] (西歷3月5日至4月3日) ﹑農曆三月的 [甲辰] (西歷4月4日至5月4日)及農曆六月的 [丁未] (西歷7月7日至8月6日)。加上 [西北] 方有流年飛星 [七赤] 退运星入宮﹐明顯地今年不管由任何黨來執政中央﹐都會面臨艱難復行的一年。原因是西北方也屬金﹐ [口] 屬金也﹐中央政府一定要有言必行﹐不可講一套做一套的行為﹐理由多多﹐這將會導致局面陷入困境﹐可能會導致示威﹑暴動﹑政治變化等事件發生。所以﹐今年各 地方政府不可敷衍了事﹐就以為可以暫時解決問題﹐可見今年是 [口] 作怪﹐小心言行﹐可預測將會有政治人物下台。因此﹐今年多個國家將會有大選的狀況出現﹐尤其在農曆二月﹐三月及六月。

由於立春八字忌神為 [木] ﹐因此流月不可再有強木出現﹐如果在流月突然遇上 [木合局]﹐ 便大禍臨頭了。不過偏偏在農曆二月的 [癸卯] 與立春八字的地支 [寅辰] 會成木局﹐屬具威力的一種 [合中之合] ﹐旺木也。同時 [卯] 與 [未] 又半合木﹐肯定這月份將會有政治變化﹑鬥爭﹑示威等﹐發生的國家包括日本﹑美國﹑台灣﹑香港﹑朝鮮﹑韓國等。

農曆三月[甲辰] 的 [辰] 與八字地支的 [辰] 有刑刑相害跡象﹐加上流月飛星 [三碧] 鬥爭星(五行属木)入中宮﹐與流年飛星 [六白] 武曲星(五行属金) ﹐有金木交战的狀況﹐因此這月裡多個國家將會出現政治變化﹐也包括大型示威﹑暴動等不愉快事件發生。

而 農曆六月 [丁未] 的 [丁] 與立春八字的天干 [壬] 合成 [木] ﹐[丁] 屬火﹐有很多木來生火﹐源源不絕的木把這火燒得很凶猛﹐這月份將會有暴亂﹑示威行動﹑戰爭等事件發生。[未] 宮位於西南部﹐這暗示 [中東、非洲﹑印度] 等国家將會有更激烈的鬥爭﹑暴亂﹑戰爭等事件。加上﹐今流年飛星 [三碧] 鬥爭星入宮于西南方﹐此飛星也屬木﹐如果木太旺又非流年用神﹐那麼 [中東、非洲﹑印度] 等国家將會有更激烈的鬥爭﹑暴亂﹑戰爭等事件發生。中東國家包括沙地阿拉伯﹑土耳其﹑埃及﹑巴基斯坦﹑黎巴嫩﹑卡塔爾﹑約旦﹑以色列﹑伊拉克﹑伊朗﹑及巴 林。


如果當時有此狀況發生﹐而你將會或被安排到此國家公干的而感到擔心﹐你可穿淺紅的衣服﹑在皮包裡放張紅色的紙﹐或捐血來化解不必要的意外。如果你的八字是非常忌 [木] [火]﹐大運沒有走運的話﹐就儘量別去此國家﹔一般出身于年中的人士都比較忌 [木] [火] 的。
今年的氣候可說是變化多端﹐極度 [熱] 和 [冷] ﹐年中的氣候將會比往年炎熱﹐發生旱災﹐多個國家將會受到影響﹐包括中國﹑日本﹑韓國﹑香港﹑非洲﹑印度及中東等國家。而農曆九月以後將會是比往年較寒冷 的氣候上升﹐受到影響的國家包括歐盟國家﹑中國﹑加拿大﹑美國等﹐而這些國家的地區同時將有大量的雨季導致水患。

農曆二月 (西歷3月5日至4月3日) 是旺 [木] 的節氣﹐木可克土。從流月飛星來計算﹐[五黃] 災星入宮于 [西北] ﹐[二黑] 病星入宮于 [東] 方﹐恰巧又是 [沖] 太歲及太歲 [相害] 的位置﹐於是這一帶將可能發生嚴重的地震﹑土崩﹑火山爆發﹑龍卷風等天災。東方國家包括日本﹑台灣﹑香港﹔而西北部的國家包括歐盟國家有那威﹑蘇聯﹑丹麥 ﹑冰島﹑西班牙﹑愛爾蘭等。

農曆三月 (西歷4月4日至5月4日) 是 [辰][辰] 相刑﹐辰也是流年太歲。在太歲方 [東南] 原有流年飛星 [五黃] 災星入宮﹐加上流月飛星 [二黑] 病星入宮于此處﹐兩者都屬 [土] 。兩病災星相逢必有災難發生﹐因此可預測此月將會有嚴重的地震﹑土崩﹑火山爆發事件。同時也會有細菌感染﹐如皮膚傳染病。受影響的國家包括澳洲﹑紐西蘭﹑ 菲律賓﹑台灣﹑及印尼等。

农历九月 (西歷10月8日至11月6日) 將會有大量雨季及水災﹐海嘯亦同時會出現﹐原因是流年太歲相沖之原故。有水火相衝之迹象,就是说 [戌] 冲 [辰] ,把辰本身内藏的水,全部冲开,加上立春八字日干及时干 [乙] 木与农历九月天干 [庚] 合成金,所谓金能生水。加上流年及流月的飛星有重疊跡象﹐故农历九月将可能会有大变化的事件,可能是水患﹑洪水﹑大霧﹑海嘯等天災。



吉星 : 人緣﹑異性緣﹑貴人 [一白] 于正南
一向人緣不是很好的你﹐如果想在今年催旺人緣﹑桃花來幫助你的事業﹐或結識更多朋友﹐異性桃花也可以。你可在今年立春後﹐並在 [正南] 方擺放一杯清水﹐裡頭放著一粒金幣﹔或擺放魚缸﹔或有水動的物件。


吉星 : 財源滾滾 [八白] 財星在正西
今年立春過後﹐[正西] 方是可以令你生意﹑事業順利﹔亦有升職﹑升官的機會﹔失業的你也可在這裡擺風水陣。

九宮飛星中﹐今年此位是最好的﹐有利你的正偏財。你可在此方擺放 [一塊紅布] ﹑[八粒白石頭] 及 [收音機] 或 [電腦] 一台﹐來催旺生意﹑事業或正偏財。同時你也可以在此位擺放你的幸運物件。

吉星 : 文昌 [四綠] 于正東
求學的朋友想要增旺學業或求突破﹐可在正東處擺放 [四枝富貴竹] 或 [四只白兔] 的畫像。當然﹐你也可以在此方位寫著 [學業猛進] 這四個字來增強學業。如果你想擺放 [四只白兔] 的畫像作為文昌物件﹐也要強求八字用神。如果你的八字喜用神是 [木] ﹐當然對你事半功倍﹔如不是用神﹐就翻效果。最穩定的﹐當然是放 [四枝富貴竹] 。

打工一族的朋友想要在工作上有突破的表現﹐也可以工作 範圍裡或桌上的 [正東] 擺放 [四枝富貴竹] ﹐同時在 [正南] 擺放一杯清水來催旺人緣﹐希望有貴人扶你一把。你可在桌上畫成九宮格﹐然後用指南針判斷正確的位子﹐哪裡是正東或正南﹐把需要的風水物件擺放著﹐就這麼簡 單。

吉星 : 催旺姻緣 [九紫] 于東北方
單身的你想與另一伴結婚﹐可在 [東北] 方種植九顆花﹐然後用紅布或繩來圍著及擺放你倆的相片在此處催旺姻緣。同時可在 [西南] 方擺放淺紅色的布或火山畫來化解小人是非的麻煩﹐以免婚姻受阻﹐發生不愉快的事件就不好了。

凶星 : 东南方 [刑] [犯] 太岁﹐又有五黃災星
出身于龙年的人今年刑犯太歲,因此會有極大的變化,這可分為兩種人,大運或流年行好運或霉運。行好運的人當然一帆風順﹐行霉运的人將會面對不愉快的事件發 生。同时,[犯太岁者] 也较容易有意外、迁移、结婚、生意問題﹑感情﹑分手或生孩子等事件发生。今年要特別注意手腳部﹑股﹑肝膽的健康及損傷﹐可以去捐血或洗牙來減輕或化解損 傷。

龍人今年同時也 [刑太歲]﹐刑代表是非較多﹐人事不和﹐凡是以大化小﹐就能化解了。如過不放心﹐可在今年的飞星三碧西南方﹐擺放粉紅色的物件﹐以化是非。及在南方一白星位﹐擺放音樂盒﹐來催旺人緣。


有 到此國家的人士可帶上可發出鈴聲的物件預防萬一﹐比如鎖匙圈。千萬不要穿鮮艷的顏色﹐比如紅﹑橙﹑紫,你可選擇灰色衣服。原因是火生土,記住遠離與火有關 的物件及顏色。如在家中或辦公室﹐東南方是大門﹑廚房﹑睡房﹐你可掛風鈴﹑錢幣﹑擺放音樂盒﹑白色或銀色或金黄色的地氈﹑防燒卡片(位於爐灶底下) ,以化解疾病感染或食物中毒。


凶星 : 西北方 [男主人] 有退運星又冲太岁
此方 [冲太岁] 又有飞星 [七赤] 退运星入宮,加上農曆九月的流月飛星與流年飛星有重疊的跡象﹐意味着西北部的國家经济將陷入困境,恐怕难以复苏。又有天灾来临,尤其是水灾、水患及天氣異常的發生﹐歐盟國家將會面對經濟及天災的打擊。


西 北方同時也是 [男主人] ﹐[乾] 宮之位﹐可說是一家之主﹑老闆﹑集團等。今年對男主人未見是很好的一年﹐因為又衝太歲及流年飛星 [七赤] 退运星入宮。如果公司﹑屋子的大門﹑廁所位於西北方﹐今年的生意將會受到影響﹐不會比往年好﹐尤其在歐盟國家有生意來往的人士﹐請注意西北國家經濟動向﹐ 以免遭到不測。男主人可在 [正西] 方擺放一塊紅布和八粒白色石頭﹔同時在 [正南] 方擺放一杯清水﹑清水裡同時放著銅幣﹔最後在 [東北] 方擺放九枝富貴竹﹐用紅布把它們絆起來。這是催旺生意﹐人緣及借助未來  運的風水陣﹐來減輕對生意有嚴重的打擊。


凶星 : 北方有病星﹐幸好與太歲相合
流年飞星 [二黑] 病星 [屬土] 入宮于正北方,北方属水,亦有 [土] 克 [水]  之跡象﹐幸好今年立春八字 [阳水] 透天干,有大水壓制土的能力﹐因此北方国家不會出現嚴重的傳染疾病﹐而只是普通流行疾病而已。

今 年的流年飛星與2003年是相似的﹐很多人都想知道 SARS疾病會否再來?  其實今年不會有嚴重的傳染疾病﹐原因是立春八字的五行 [土] 不旺﹐又沒透出天干。而不象2003年的立春八字 [土] 透干﹐又有 [甲] 與 [己] 合 [土] ﹐加上 [二黑] 病星入宮北部﹐[子] 亦屬鼠﹐那年太歲 [未] 與 [子] 相害﹐所以2003年的傳染疾病是多麼的可怕。你也可擺放金屬的物件來化解﹐如風鈴﹑錢幣﹑音樂盒等物件在此方來化解病星入侵。

凶星 : 西南方有是非﹑鬥爭
流年飛星 [三碧] 鬥爭星入宮于西南方此乃 [坤] 宮也﹐此飛星也屬木﹐如果木太旺又非流年用神﹐那麼今年 [中東、非洲﹑印度] 等国家將會有更激烈的鬥爭﹑暴亂﹑戰爭等事件發生。

而 農曆六月 [丁未] 的 [丁] 與立春八字的天干 [壬] 合成 [木] ﹐[丁] 屬火﹐有很多木來生火﹐源源不絕的木把這火燒得很凶猛﹐這月份將會有暴亂﹑示威行動﹑戰爭等事件發生。[未] 宮位於西南部﹐這暗示 [中東、非洲﹑印度] 等国家將會有更激烈的鬥爭﹑暴亂﹑戰爭等事件。

另一方面﹐西南方也是屬於 [坤] 宮即 [女主人] ﹐同時也會有 [女] 權的爭議﹐所謂男女平等課題事件。可能西南方會出現 [女] 領袖。國家包括 [中東、非洲﹑印度] ﹐而中東國家包括沙地阿拉伯﹑土耳其﹑埃及﹑巴基斯坦﹑黎巴嫩﹑卡塔爾﹑約旦﹑以色列﹑伊拉克﹑伊朗﹑及巴林。

此方最忌的顏色是 [綠色] 及 [藍色﹑黑色﹑灰色] ﹐還有山水畫及樹木﹐兔子也屬木。此處木旺一定是非極多﹐記得不要在此處擺放這些物件﹐要不然是非﹑官非發生在你身上就不好了。不管你是打工一族﹑做生意 的﹑當官的﹑藝人也好﹐都是怕是非及官非﹐所以此方的座位要儘量避坐。

凶星 : 裝修工程﹐最忌的方位
藝人於 [壬辰] 年的運程

事業在2012年將會有更好的發展﹐也可能會得到電影裡的各項獎項﹐因為流年行 [華蓋] ﹐八字用神也。



婚姻感情會出現問題的藝人有 小S徐熙娣﹑劉嘉玲




2011 [辛卯] 年運程預測結果
1) 金融界可能会推出很多新配套来吸引投资者;
2) 汽车厂家也将推出一系列的新面貌款式及新科技的汽车来刺激销量;
3) 有恐怖车祸发生,这包括火车及飞机;
4) 美容界也将面临竞争力,所以将有新技术的诞生来吸引更多消費者;
5) 中国成为世界经济带动国;
6) 全球的经济好转及稳定要看欧美国家的表现;
7) 政治及軍權之变化;
8) 旱灾、火灾、气候上升及天氣異常的發生﹐尤其在中國;
9) 嚴重地震﹑海嘯﹑水災發生于東方國家﹐包括日本﹑台灣;
10) 冰岛国家会有罕见的火山爆发,导致空气污染及飞机航班取消。

by Master Gan

Day for Rats to lie low 11.11.11

Interviewed and published on The Star 11.11.2011

WELL, other than the novelty attached to the day, of which the number 11 appears thrice, it is just “an average day”, says Feng Shui master Gan Wai Kwang of Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

“Chinese couples getting married on this day should avoid facing North or be in the North sector for the tea ceremony,” he advises.

The Rat person will “clash” with the wedding couple on this day. So Gan advises those born in the Rat year to steer away from nuptial activities.

‘Baby boys will grow up to make good politicians or hold authoritative posts,’ says feng shui Master Gan Wai Kwang.


“Do not get the Rat person to be the driver of the bridal car or the tai kum chea (bridal chaperone). If you want to get children to jump on the bridal bed, make sure they are not born in the Rat year.”

Gan says the day is suitable for signing agreements or going outstation for big projects. It is also a good day to start piling work on construction sites. Those contemplating renovation works can also proceed on this day.

Babies born on 11-11-11 are said to be intelligent, but baby boys will be luckier in life than girls, predicts Gan. “Baby boys will grow up to make good politicians or hold authoritative posts. As they have patience and good interpersonal skills, males born on this day will climb the corporate ladder faster,” he says.

Gan says babies born on this day have an abundance of Water (element). “They will be more compatible with people who have Fire and Earth elements. The ideal soulmate would be someone born in mid-year (May to July).”

After the age of 26, males born on this day will find it difficult to get jobs because they have no lucky stars. After 36, their luck will change for the better.

They will find suitable jobs in the finance, tourism and property (metal-related) sectors, and fare well in earth-related businesses. Fire-related jobs such as in information technology are also suitable.

Females born on this day have normal luck until the age of 55 when “big luck (prosperity) arrives”. They will be cut out for jobs in the civil service or in big companies.

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